The Tia Foundation.

What Would You Do? Hours from the nearest hospital, your little girl breaks her thumb, your pregnant wife has complications, or your grandfather breaks his hip. For millions of rural Mexicans, this is reality. Tia is part of the solution.

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About Tia

High blood pressure and diabetes due to a lack of education about, and access to, healthy foods. Broken bones and cuts from farming or ranching accidents. Childbirth.

In the United States, most of us see a doctor or go to the hospital in these situations. But in some communities of Mexico, getting medical care is daunting, if not impossible. Many of these communities are far from any medical facilities beyond the most basic of clinics and 50 miles from the nearest hospital; they’re rarely visited by doctors

The Tia Foundation helps by teaching locals the medical, health, and organizational skills they need to change their communities from within.

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Who We Are

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Made of (mostly volunteer) medical professionals, organizers, and regular people, we’re a diverse bunch united by the deeply-rooted belief that no one should have to go without basic medical care, no matter where they live.

Our People

What We Do


We don’t just treat people, we travel to remote communities for a week or more to teach locals how to care for themselves. We also negotiate with municipalities to create sustainable support for care that continues long after we leave.

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How to Help


Tia is a nonprofit organization that crosses borders and pushes past cultural differences to care for those most in need. We keep the lights on and the care flowing with the help of big-hearted volunteers and generous donors like you.

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Did You Know?

In areas we’ve served, we see a drop in both domestic violence and emigration to the United States. Sustainable medical care is helping rural Mexicans improve their quality of life and build stronger communities at home.


Tia’s Value Proposition

Tia’s focus is on providing sustainable development strategies, not relief. We don’t ‘parent’ or impose a policy of development, but rather, like an aunt, we mentor, assist, advise and motivate villagers to develop their own organic potential and vision for growth. Using our experience and resources, Tia shares knowledge while connecting communities to the means to do for themselves, thus engendering empowerment and respect along with healthier bodies.

The Tia Foundation has developed several International Development consulting relationships that bring invaluable resources to our mission.

Your Donation Goes Further.

With our low overhead and money-wise practices, we’re able to provide a lifetime of medical care to some of the poorest people in the most remote areas Mexico for just $5 per person.

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