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Feeling generous, but aren’t sure where your dollars will make the most difference? You’re not alone. That’s why The Tia Foundation is completely transparent. You’ll get to see exactly how much your donation means to the communities we serve.

Why Donate to Tia?

For less than it costs to enjoy a latte and a breakfast sandwich at your favorite coffee shop, you can give one person health care for life.

Lifetime Health Care for 1 Person costs less than $5.00

We know. That sounds impossible. How can health care really cost so little?

The answer lies in our “teach them to fish” model, community partnerships, and the big hearts of volunteers.

Where Your Dollars Go

Our $5 cost of providing lifetime health care to someone in the community includes all overhead and expenses at The Tia Foundation. A portion of your donation may go toward:

Medical Equipment and Supplies
Each community we serve gets at least one medical kit so their fully-trained, volunteer health workers have the tools they need to save lives. Kits include items like blood pressure cuffs, bandages, common medications, gloves, and surgical tools. Each trained health worker also receives a copy of our reference text book Donde No Hay Doctor so they can continue their learning and tackle health issues their community sees.

All funding for medical kits and textbooks comes from donors and volunteers.

Logistical Expenses
Our volunteers cover many of their own travel expenses, but Tia foots the bill for things like renting the vans that get us to each community, training materials, and a Thank You Dinner to show appreciation to the people who have given up their vacations and the comforts of home to make it all possible.

Getting the Word Out
How did you discover The Tia Foundation? Our website, email newsletters, and quarterly mailed letters are critical in helping us get the word out about the life-changing work we do.

While we rely on volunteers here in The States to help put together many of our marketing materials, costs like website hosting, envelopes, printer’s fees, and photography equipment are covered by generous donors like you.

Logistics, researching communities, gathering supplies, organizing volunteers, and maintaining training equipment all fall on the shoulders of our paid, full-time staff.

The Tia Foundation has exactly three people on payroll: Our founder, Laura Libman; our Medical Director, Dr. Roberto Martinez; and our Program and Marketing Director, Nathaniel Harris. That’s it.

Everyone else is a volunteer donating their time, money, expertise, and effort.
Each of our staff could make a much higher income working elsewhere, but they’d rather do what they love: spend every day helping rural communities overcome poverty through better health care.

A portion of your donation may go toward making sure our staff can feed themselves and their own families, so they can focus fully on Tia’s mission.

The Best Way to Keep Us in Stethoscopes

Periodically, people ask us if they can donate medications, equipment, and other supplies. After all, it seems like we’d need a lot of these things, right?

The truth is, transporting bulky equipment or crossing the border with duffel bags full of medications is hard and expensive.

We keep our overhead low and maximize our contributions to local economies by purchasing as much as we can in or near the communities we serve.

We’re always grateful when a generous spirit helps us out, but the best (and easiest) way to give is by donating funds.

Donating Is Easy

The Tia Foundation accepts credit cards and eChecks using our Digicert secure system powered by Qgiv Online.

All you have to do is decide how much to give and how often and type in your information. It’s that easy.

So donate and change some lives today!

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