Why Volunteer for Tia?

Many of our volunteers set out to change the lives of others and end up getting the same in return. Meeting people from completely different walks of life, sharing hand-made tortillas and frijoles in local homes, and working side-by-side with members of our Medical Brigade are experiences our volunteers never forget.

And we never forget what our volunteers have given to us. The Tia Foundation wouldn’t be able to bring health care to a single person if it weren’t for the huge-hearted people who have stepped up to donate their time, expertise, and effort to helping others.

How You Can Help

There are many ways our volunteers help The Tia Foundation complete its mission of bringing health care to underserved rural communities in Mexico.

Our favorite way? Inviting you to join us on the trip of a lifetime.

Volunteer Trips
Each time Tia delivers our program of services to a community, our volunteers are right there with us making it all possible.

When you volunteer to spend the week with us, you’ll fly into Guadalajara’s airport. We’ll pick you up, go to dinner, and get to know each other before checking into our Guadalajara hotel.

In the morning, you’ll meet the members of our volunteer Medical Brigade, who are local doctors, nutritionists, chemists, therapists, and more. Then we’ll set out for a community in need.

Tia Communities
We choose a centralized “hub” for each trip that’s usually a small town offering basic amenities, like accommodations, dining, and a central gathering place.

Each morning, we’ll drive out to smaller, more remote communities that medical professionals rarely visit. We’ll spend the morning providing doctor’s visits.
After lunch in the community, we’ll head back to the central town (often accompanied by a student or two hitching a ride) where we’ll begin teaching medical skills locals need to care for their neighbors long after we’re gone.

Learn Something New
During class, you’re invited to learn how to take vitals, administer CPR, treat injuries, give injections, and provide other forms of care, right alongside local students.

Then it’s time for dinner, followed by relaxation or putting together medical kits.

At the end of the week, we’ll enjoy a graduation ceremony and sample more local cuisine at a celebration potluck.

Finally, we’ll return to Guadalajara, where volunteers have the option to enjoy a couple extra days exploring the city’s museums, restaurants, markets, and neighborhoods.

One-of-a-Kind Experience
We’ll be honest. Joining us on missions into rural Mexican communities can be an unforgettable experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

Many of the communities we visit lack running water, electricity, cell signal, or WiFi. There may only be one motel in town, and the only place to get a meal may be in someone’s home. Our days start early, end late, and are full of hard work in between.

If that sounds less like the adventure of a lifetime and more like a week of too much roughing it, that’s okay.

Believe us, we get it!

There are plenty of other ways you can help.

Other Ways to Volunteer

There’s a lot of support work that goes into making each trip to Mexico successful, and we appreciate help in many forms. Does one of these activities sound like something you’d like to help with?

  • Attending an envelope stuffing party
  • Helping us get the word out
  • Hosting fundraising events in your city
  • Photographing fundraising events
  • Sharing a special skill

Who Can Volunteer

Ready to volunteer? Great! We appreciate generous spirits of all ages, genders, cultures, professions, and locations. If you’re a student in need of volunteer hours, we’re happy to fill out the paperwork you need.

People younger than 18 can volunteer at events or donate their skills with parental approval. To join us on a trip to Mexico, all minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian or an adult family member.

Contact us today to find out how you can volunteer.

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