Promotoras Receive Diplomas in El Reparo

A group of nine promotoras completed their first round of training on March 16th. Francisco, the Municipal Assistant Secretary, Dr. Rico from UAG’s Community Medicine Program, and Laura from the Tia Foundation distributed the diplomas to the graduates.

While villagers looked on, the women received their diplomas, for many, their first diploma ever. A few teary-eyed graduates, who are virtually invisible in their communities, explained the importance of this accomplishment, “Now we are respected and recognized”.

Even more valuable to the promotoras was the medical kits they received. Among the items in the kit: anti-scorpion venom, a respirator, a blood pressure cuff, an instrument kit, a stethoscope, syringes, first aid supplies, pharmaceuticals, and rehydration solution.


The promotoras voluntarily received 40-50 hours of instruction during that week. In addition, daily classes were held for the school children and seminars for the villagers.


Many of the students in the UAG’s Community o8 Program (PMC) found their week a life changing experience. The promotoras cooked a lovely graduation dinner and the children from the school presented the students with flowers.

Promotoras Mastered Valuable Skills

Promotoras near Sayula, Jalisco demonstrated their newly acquired skills after the graduation ceremony. They learned how to clean and dress wounds, give injections, rehydrate a patient, stop bleeding, stabilize patients for transport, monitor blood pressure. They received instruction on how to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions and which conditions require escalated medical attention. They also learned how to use an otoscope, stethoscope, instrument kit and more.


Kellie Kreiser at Thunderbird for Good gave Tia an excellent introduction to World Care ( who will be providing much needed equipment to the clinic in Santa Anita, Jalisco. World Care, based in Tucson, Arizona, is an amazing organization that takes donations from hospitals, doctors offices, and others and gives them to other worthy nonprofits doing relief and development work. .

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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

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