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Our new Mexico Project Manager, Patricia Garibay (Paty) is the latest addition to the Tia Foundation. Paty has been a volunteer for Tia since its inception and was the perfect choice for many reasons. Paty has been a part of Tia through every step of our growth, often helping with translations and connecting Tia with valuable resources at UAG (Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara). Paty is not only fluent in English (and Spanish of course), but has extensive non-profit experience too.

Patricia completed her Bachelor’s degree in Communications at UAG where she graduated with honors. She continued her education by obtaining a Teacher Certificate and Diplomas in Translation and Interpretation, Special Education, and Specialized Journalism. In addition to long careers as a Teacher and a Translator/Interpreter, she has volunteered with a number of worthy organizations.

As a mother of a child with Down’s Syndrome, Paty has championed causes related to special needs children and adults, especially through the organization Proyecto Roma. She has worked to guarantee access to education, health services, and work opportunities. Conducting training seminars for teachers, parents and extended family, Paty strives to help those with special needs achieve their greatest potential and earn the respect they deserve.

Always concerned with community involvement and health issues, Patricia has organized campaigns on water conservation and improving water quality, and acted as a volunteer teacher to provide education to school children on important health habits. Though her list of volunteer accomplishments is too long to list here, we hope these highlights give you a picture of why are so pleased and proud to add her to our organization!

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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

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