Follow Up Visit to El Reparo

Lovely Daughters of the Promotoras

Along with our new Project Manager/Mexico Director, Dr. Rico from UAG, Laura revisited the village of El Reparo yesterday to check on the progress and needs of the promotoras trained in March. Nine promotoras were trained in the Spring from El Reparo and Tamiliagua, near the municipal center of Sayula, Jalisco.

The promotoras medical kits were still well-stocked and they are all reading their manuals Where There Are No Doctors. Dr. Rico conducted a refresher course in how to use the blood pressure cuff accurately and what things the promotoras should be listening for with their stethoscopes. We also held an informal meeting to discuss questions, successes, and share experiences. Several wonderful outcomes were discovered during this meeting:

  • The promotoras love their new jobs! Especially, Arcelia, who had wanted to be a nurse since childhood, but could not because there was only primary school education offered and her family could not afford to send her for continuing education. She said becoming a promotora was a dream come true for her!
  • On their own initiative, the promotoras have organized monthly meetings where they share experiences and knowledge. Each seems to have strengths in different areas, like monitoring blood pressure or giving injections. They are helping each other fortify their skills. An amazing demonstration of self-development is occurring very early in their program!
  • Some of the promotoras are working with Municipal Government entities, like the department of health, speaking at health fairs and seminars in the area on health related topics. This newly established collaboration not only ensures the sustainability of the program, but also is evidence of another form of self-development instigated by the promotoras.
  • Already, signs of behavior change are appearing in the community, like increased hand washing before food prep and after using the bathroom, a dramatic increase in teeth brushing, and keeping animals out of the home. This is especially evident in the households of the promotoras. As you can see in the picture below, the daughters of the promotoras have clean faces, teeth and hands.
  • One of the best unanticipated outcomes of the program has been the phenomenal increase is self-esteem among the promotoras, who told us they have greater self-respect and are proud of themselves for their accomplishment. They were amazed at how much they were able to learn and retain.

After the happy and productive meeting, Rosy, the lead promotora, presented each of us with a hand-embroidered pillow case which she made herself.

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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

4 thoughts on “Follow Up Visit to El Reparo

  1. Laura this is article is both truly touching and inspiring. The work Tia Foundation is doing in the area of sustainable health solutions and the impact it is have on both the physical, as well as communal and mental health of the villages you work in seems extraordinary. I’m so proud of the way that you are using your blog and site to share these stories, in turn enabling others to share in Tia’s work.


  2. Hi Im michelle I live My childhood in el reparo is good 2 c the people like u care about the people n this little town I feel happy 2 c good news I always thinking n dreaming about el reparo checking in the computer is something hapen THANK U SO MUCH 4 take care r people n I hope the always come persone like u with big hearts


    1. Hi Michelle! We love the wonderful people of El Reparo! They are good, hard working people and very generous. During one of our visits, we enjoyed some very delicious capirotada near the time of Pascual. Rosy made us some gorgeously embroidered pillow covers. El Reparo was our first project and one of our most successful.


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