Mexican Non-Profit Documents Signed


The Tia Foundation is one step closer to becoming a registered non profit organization in Mexico!  The registration papers were signed on July 3, 2009 in Zapopan, Jalisco and have been submitted to the necessary authorities.  Soon we will officially be functioning as Fundacion “La Tia”.  Three of our new Mexican board members were present, Monica Garibay Fernandez del Valle, Antonio Dominguez Perez and Eduardo Barron (in picture), as well as our President, Laura Libman.

Becoming a registered non profit organization in Mexico will lead to numerous benefits for the Tia Foundation.  Once the papers are finalized, we will be able to officially hire a full-time medical director.  This will greatly increase the credibility of Tia in Mexico and will also make it possible for donations in Mexico to be tax deductible.  Grant opportunities as well as product pricing benefits will also increase as a result.  This is a huge step forward in Tia’s development!

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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

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