Dengue Fever Outbreak in Jalisco

Confirmed cases of Dengue Fever now number in the thousands in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, though some estimate suspected cases as high as 25,000+ and the season is far from over.  Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever cases, the more serious strain, comprise more than ten percent of all reported cases.  During a normal 52 week year, Jalisco sees an average of less than 2,000 cases.  Unfortunately, cases are popping up in areas that do not normally see Dengue activity.

There is no cure and no vaccine to prevent Dengue.  The best defense is to eliminate places where mosquitoes like to breed, properly apply mosquito repellent, and use screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering homes.  Any standing water containers should be removed and cleaned to eliminate the mosquito eggs and larvae.

Tia staff (Laura and Kate)  currently in Mexico liberally applies strong mosquito repellent and follows all the recommended guidelines.  Our Community Health Workers (Promotoras) also have received thorough education, thanks to UAG’s PMC brigades,  in preventative measures as well as how to care for Dengue patients and how to identify when a patient needs escalated care.  Our partners at UAG’s clinics, hospitals and PMC brigades are working tirelessly to offer excellent care to all those afflicted.

We hope that our friends here in Mexico at UAG, Global Vantage, ITESO, etc.  recover quickly and stay well!

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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

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