Tbird Fundraising Intern Efrain Diaz

Greetings!  My name is Efrain Diaz, and I will be serving as Fundraising Intern for spring 2010.  Upon entering Thunderbird as a Master’s candidate in Global Affairs and Management in the fall of 2009, I became acquainted with the Tia Foundation and was immediately impressed by their efforts to create sustainable health strategies in rural Mexico.  I was especially moved by their work in my family’s hometown of Guadalajara.  I am greatly looking forward to this new experience and hope to contribute to the success of the organization!

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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

6 thoughts on “Tbird Fundraising Intern Efrain Diaz

    1. Senor Lazcano,
      Gracias por su comentario y perdoneme por mi tardanza. La familia de mi padre vive en Zapopan. Cuando era nino, fui muchas veces a visitarlos.


  1. I am always impressed when I read about Thunderbird, they are such an impressive International Business School. I found out about the Tia Foundation on a blog, by a Mr. D, when I doing some research on Thunderbird. I have to say that the fact that Laura, I believe the founder, went to Thunderbird (what I read in Mr. D’s blog) and is still involved with and getting students help from Thunderbird is amazing. It just goes to show how great that school is. The Tia Foundation reminds me a lot of The Rosa Vera Fund and I think what you’re doing in Mexico is such great work and I hope you have much continued success!


    1. You are right, I did go to Thunderbird and my education there enabled me to learn how to create a successful model and run a nonprofit like a business. Thank you for your kind words!


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