Hurray! Tia Makes Final Jury Selection Round!

So many of our friends have written to ask about the progress we have made in Secretary Clinton’s Innovation award.  Here is the latest: the Tia Foundation is thrilled to be named one of 5 organizations being considered for the Secretary’s Innovation Award for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  We just received the news today that our full proposal has made it to Innovation Jury Selection Round!  Two organizations will be selected in this round to receive an award of up to $500,000!  We are very grateful to our staff, interns and volunteers who helped us prepare  and edit the full proposal and due diligence reporting.

The Secretary’s Innovation Award for the Empowerment of Women and Girls seeks to find and bring to scale the most pioneering approaches to the political, economic and social empowerment of women and girls around the globe. Founded on the premise that the major economic, security, governance and environmental challenges of our time cannot be solved without the full participation of women at all levels of society, this award supports the Department of State’s commitment to the advancement of women globally.  The Rockefeller Foundation, as part of its mission to expand opportunity and promote more equitable growth, seeks to identify innovative approaches that can be scaled to address these challenges.

We look forward in great anticipation to hear the results of the Jury Selection round in late February or early March!  An award ceremony will be held at the Department of State in Washington, D.C.  With so many worthwhile programs worldwide making lasting positive change in the lives of women and girls, we are extremely honored to have made it this far!  Thank you all so much for your emails and phone calls of support and interest!  Please keep your fingers crossed!

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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

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