All Turn Out to Assemble Medical Kits!


We assembed our medical kits for this project in record time!  The efficiency was due to our great volunteers from many parts of the local community.  The first wave of volunteers came from the Rotary Club Costalegre.  Huge thanks to Carrie Sacco for organizing everyone and to Leone Ewoldt for recruiting so many volunteers!  Not only that, but the generous Rotarians also donated a healthy portion of the costs of feeding our brigade.

Shortly thereafter, the employees of the Grand Bay Hotel Isla Navidad Resort by Wyndham joined us.  They did not have far to go because the resort was generous enough to provide us with an unused ballroom and aguas frescas for the thirsty workers.  Having a secure, clean and dust-free place to assemble the valuable kits is vital.

Just when the first wave began to tire, after hours of hard work, the  employees and friends of the Municipality of Cihuatlan, Jalisco reinforcements arrived to finish the last set of medical kits and do clean up work.  Thank you to all of these great members of the community who helped us put together 24 medical kits in 5 hours, rather than the usual 10+!!!!!

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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

One thought on “All Turn Out to Assemble Medical Kits!

  1. To help with a project like this makes one feel all warm and fuzzy inside.The tirless efforts of the Doctors and medical students will enable alot of people to recieve medical treatments that might otherwise go untreated. Hats off to all the organizers and a special thanks to Laura who made this dream come true!!!!


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