Bringing Latest Zika Fact Sheet to Mexico


Tia will be bringing the newest fact sheets on Zika in Spanish to disperse in while we are in Mexico next week, thanks to Hesperian Foundation, who also are the publishers of the health care worker manuals we distribute to every Promotora.  Click here for the English language version: English Zika Fact Sheet.  And here is the same in Spanish: Spanish Zika Fact Sheet.

Unfortunately, Zika is harming the already most vulnerable populations in Latin America, where women have been asked to avoid pregnancy, but have not been given broad access to contraception.

This was just published by Jill Filopovic in the Washington Post [click on the quote to read the whole article], “According to Gallup polling, people living in Latin American are less likely to say that women are treated with respect and dignity than people living anywhere else in the world. Violence against women is endemic — in Peru, for example, half of women say their first sexual experience was forced. Poverty remains feminized. Contraception access is improving, but remains low for adolescents and low-income women in particular.”


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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

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