Who is Tia?

10648188_10152837545225281_6335118067317543355_oTia uses a ‘teach them to fish’ model to train and equip villagers, who live hours from the nearest doctor.  They learn to deliver babies, treat diabetes, handle first aid cases and most importantly, how to tackle their problems together, as an organized community. Our model is sustainable because the local governments commit to resupply the Tia medical kits and provide continuing education.

Thanks to generous donors, like the Ingebritson, Armstrong, Libman and Pakis families, Tia now serves almost half a million people for less than $5 a person, including overhead.

¿Quién es Tía?

Tía aplica el modelo de “Enseñar a Pescar”, con el cual capacita y equipa a los habitantes (leer mas) Continue reading “Who is Tia?”

2020 Volunteer Newsletter

Welcome back Tia supporters!  Are you curious about what the day to day experience is like on a volunteer trip?  We have the scoop directly from one of our recent volunteers with lots of vivid pictures!  Tia can’t wait to tell you all about our project in Mascota, Jalisco.  You can read about our mother/daughter volunteer team, what Tia is doing to stop the spread of COVID-19, and much more.  Click the link below to read our latest update.

2020 Volunteer Newsletter

COVID-19 Update


Click the link to read the Tia Foundations latest COVID-19 update.  In the rural communities of Mexico, the nearest hospital can be many hours away on foot.  This creates many additional challenges during an emergency like the coronavirus outbreak.  Read about how the Tia Foundation is helping to fight the epidemic, and what you can do to help.  Please donate today to do your part.