Yet Another Recommendation for Models Like Tia’s!

A recently published and well-researched article, “Collaborative Impact“,  in the Stanford Social Innovation Review discusses the five conditions of collective success.  In other words, the best way to solve a community’s problems is through a collaborative effort if the solution contains certain conditions.  Those conditions are a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and backbone support organization (in our case, Tia).

Tia’s model contains all five of these success criteria and works harmoniously with its training partner, UAG‘s PMC program (Dr. Rico and Dr. Miguelangelo on the left), Municipal and Community Representatives (on the right), other government entities like DIF, other NPOs and local partners.  This collaborative effort is what makes Tia’s model full self-sustaining.  Even if Tia would have to close its doors, the program would continue in perpetuity because of these remarkable, interconnected relationships.

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Historic Graduation for Tia!

Today in Ixtlahuacan del Rio, Tia passes the 100 Promotora mark by quite a bit; now there are 120!  At the lovely graduation ceremony, a spokeperson for the Promotoras gave a heartfelt speech thanking UAG’s PMC Brigade, the Tia Foundation and its generous donors, and the municipality and explaining the importance of the accomplishment for each of them.

From left to right seated at the table is Dr. Miguelangel, Dr. Roberto, Dr. Rico (all from PMC), Laura Libman (Tia), Sra. Maria Teresa (DIF) and Presidente Municipal Roberto Martinez Delgado.  The Municipality threw a big party for everyone afterward with delicious tacos and torta ahogadas.

More pics to come…