Medical Kit and Bags Ready to Go

Dr Francisco Rico will be helping Laura carry all the supplies to Ixtlahuacan del Rio.  Since one van is not large enough for everything, Laura’s taxi drive friend, Juan Fonseca will be accompanying her in another van.  Juan has been volunteering for Tia for two years, helping Laura gather supplies and he is excited to see a graduation ceremony.

They will meet the amazing members of UAG‘s Programa de Medicina en la Comunidad (PMC) Brigade of 40 professors, doctors and students.  These committed brigade members provide the education for the Promotoras, free health care for the community members, and educational classes for the schools and resident.

Check back later for pictures of the graduation ceremony!

Tia’s Newest Corporate Partner: Tlaqueparte

Tia proudly announces a new partnership with Tlaqueparte.  The partnership was cemented during a meeting with Tlaqueparte’s President,  Carlos Maytorena Martinez Negrete (second from the left),  Tia’s President, Laura Libman (far left), and Dr. Francisco Rico (center) from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara’s Community Medicine Program.  Also attending the meeting were long time volunteer, Patricia Garibay (far right), and Promotora sisters, Maurilia (seated) and Carmen Huerta Salas (second from right).

Tlaqueparte is a traveling exposition of gorgeous fine art, handicrafts and artisan works from Mexico and Latin America.  Tlaqueparte has large lovely shows in Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Veracruz and San Antonio, Texas.  Tia plans to organize a trip for friends of Tia to their show in late October/early November, just in time for holiday shopping!

If you are interested in joining us for a fun, overnight trip to Hermosillo, including a lovely dinner at one of Hermosillo’s finer restaurants, email us at  Stay tuned to our website for more details.  In the meantime, check out Tlaqueparte‘s website!

Important Message from Tia’s President on the Influenza Virus

Note:  If you have not yet made an investment in a Tia community, we fervently ask you to please make any size contribution you are able.  Since we  deliver a permanent, sustainable health program for less than $5/person, no amount is too small.  With adequate funding, we can greatly extend the reach of programs, which in turn make our lives safer too!  We have a lot of work ahead of us to help our friends south of the border and we need your help right away to achieve our mission!


I’m sure  by now that you have heard a lot about the Swine Flu (H1N1 Virus) outbreak on your radio and television. reporter, Jessica Ravitz, contacted me earlier this week to find out how the outbreak is affecting our work.  A full story on Tia and how we are affected by the outbreak appears on

We are closely monitoring the situation in Mexico and so far, not one case in our communities.  In fact, the State of Jalisco, where our next launch will take place in a few weeks, has thus far remained free of the virus.  I’ve spoken with Dr. Rico, from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and he says they are well-prepared to handle the situation, should the virus appear in Jalisco.  Dr. Rico sits on the Board of Epidemiology for the State of Jalisco and therefore knows breaking news.

As of this morning, we are still planning on going forward with the launch.  Our launch will not be postponed unless our PMC brigade is needed elsewhere.  All of our staff has a filled prescription for the appropriate anti-viral which has been very effective, so none of us will be in any danger.  We also plan to voluntarily quarantine ourselves when we return to the U.S.; working from home for the first 3-4 days after we arrive back in Phoenix if the threat still exists.

This outbreak truly serves to illustrate the dire need for our program!  Our education programs include intensive instruction on disease prevention, good nutrition and proper hygiene, the best defense against outbreaks like the H1N1.  In the villages where we have implemented our program, every household has received this instruction and knows how protect themselves.  Unfortunately, many of the poor Mexicans in rural areas have not received education on the importance of hand washing and other preventive measures.  Lack of access to healthcare, coupled with malnutrition, makes the poor especially vulnerable to disease and complications.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our donors for supporting our mission!  Because of you, the 30,000-50,000 residents of Tia villages are safe!  Thank you so much for placing your trust in us.  We continuously strive to earn it.

We, in the U.S., see now that what happens to our nearest neighbor and largest trading partner affects us directly too.  We are truly citizens of a global community.  Please help us spread the word.

Thank you!

Laura Libman

Sayula Follow Up Visit


Rosy, our lead Promotora in El Reparo, Jalisco, is interviewed by Monica Garibay (right) during our follow-up visit in this Sayula Municipality village. Rosy tells Monica that the Promotoras there have been assisting the municipal government with health campaigns in the villages. This is a big self-development step for two reasons: the Promotoras are reaching out to the municipality and asking for help, and the municipality is extended their programs to places that had not enjoyed these services prior to the Tia program implementation.

Rosy also told Monica that as a result of her training, she was able to assist her terminally ill mother and make her comfortable during her last days. She accompanied her mother to doctor’s appointments and received instructions on how to care for her. Though Rosy was very sad to lose her mother, she is grateful that she had the expertise to make her as comfortable as possible, allowing her mother to end her days comfortably surrounded by family and friends at home.


Thunderbird BandAid: A benefit concert for the Tia Foundation hosted by the Thunderbird Int’l Development Association.

Thursday, February 7th
7:00 p.m. – ?
Location: In the TAC (Airplane Hangar near Campus Entrance) at The Thunderbird School of Global Management at
15249 North 59th Avenue (59th Avenue and Greenway) in Glendale, Arizona

Tickets $10 advance $12 DOS
Ticket price includes a free homemade Mexican dinner and three bands: Bad News Blues Band, What Laura Says Thinks and Feels, and Thunderbird Global Sounds

All proceeds benefit the Tia Foundation, a nonprofit organizations that provides sustainable health development for those in extreme poverty living in remote areas of rural Mexico.

IWC and the Thunderkids will be delivering valentine grams for $1 at the event.

Dinner will include tamales, fresh on-the-spot homemade burritos, beans and rice.

The pub window will be open so you may purchase drinks.

Please contact the Tia Foundation at for advance tickets.

We are looking for Sponsors for the event, starting at $100 a sponsorship. Sponsors can set up a booth, banners, distribute coupons and brochures and will be recognized for their contribution at the event. Or you may supply us with your materials and we will distribute them for you. We are expecting an audience of 300.