Tia Receives Grant from Pakis Family Foundation

The Pakis Family Foundation awarded the Tia Foundation a generous grant. Part of the grant is designated to hire an in-country Project Manager in Mexico and to provide that person with needed equipment and expenses. Patricia Garibay, of Guadalajara, will be Tia’s new Project Manager. She will be tasked with helping projects get launched more quickly, spreading awareness of our program in Mexico, compiling baseline and continuing data, and connecting villages to a wider range of resources. Look for Patricia’s biography which will be posted here in a few days.

Like many nonprofits, Tia’s human resources have been stretched thin due to our growth. The grant will allow Tia to help more people in rural Mexico, much more quickly and efficiently. We are so grateful the kindness, generosity and trust our donors and grant makers show us!

Ingebritson Family Foundation Grant Received

The Tia Foundation recently received a generous grant from the Ingebritson Family Foundation.  The funds will be used to help cover the costs of our launches in Jalisco.  The next promotora training near Ojuelos, as well as the subsequent launches near Ciudad Guzman and Barra de Navidad will be funded thanks to their much needed grant.

Promotoras Receive Diplomas in El Reparo

A group of nine promotoras completed their first round of training on March 16th. Francisco, the Municipal Assistant Secretary, Dr. Rico from UAG’s Community Medicine Program, and Laura from the Tia Foundation distributed the diplomas to the graduates.

While villagers looked on, the women received their diplomas, for many, their first diploma ever. A few teary-eyed graduates, who are virtually invisible in their communities, explained the importance of this accomplishment, “Now we are respected and recognized”.
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