Stats on El Reparo Follow Up

50followup51.jpgAs part of our follow up visit to El Reparo, we conducted a data collection survey on the progress and continuing needs of the communities. We discovered some remarkable changes happening already in the villages near Sayula, Jalisco:

  • Significant increase in blood pressure checks from twice per year to weekly checks for villagers suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Increase from zero to 50% in the number of villagers who are brushing their teeth at least daily (twice daily for 50% of the children).
  • Increased access from zero to 75% of households that have participated in nutrition education sessions including ways to incorporate more vegetables in their diets, cut back on sodium and other lessons.
  • Increase from zero to 50% the number of households that no longer allow domesticated animals (dogs and chickens) into their homes, particularly near food preparation areas.
  • Increase from zero to 50% in the number of people who wash their hands before handling or preparing food.

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The Tia Foundation is a small, Arizona-based NGO dedicated to driving sustainable health solutions in rural Mexico.

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