A Bittersweet Story


During our followup visit to El Reparo in July, we heard a variety of stories from our promotoras about their experience caring for their community members. One was particularly touching.

An elderly woman in El Reparo suffered from diabetes and terminal cancer. She asked one of the promotoras, Rosy, to travel with her to see her doctor some distance away in Sayula. The woman explained to the doctor that she could no longer make the trip into town to visit him because she was becoming too ill, but asked if he could give advice to Rosy on how to care for her.

The doctor called in his nurse and explained to Rosy all the medications and injections the woman would need and impressed upon her the importance of administering each of them at specific times throughout the day. Rosy wrote notes on everything, packed up the medicines and accompanied the ill woman back to El Reparo.

Four times a day, Rosy set an alarm to go off in her house to remind her to gather the medicines and walk to the woman’s house. Rosy diligently administered the medication on time, every time. She also organized some of the women in the community to bring meals to the dying woman. Once a week, the nurse would come to check on Rosy and her patient. Rosy impressed the nurse with how meticulously she followed all the instructions and complemented Rosy on quality of care she was giving her patient.

In the end, the woman died. Though there was nothing Rosy or the doctor could do to save the woman’s life, thanks to Rosy, the woman died peacefully and with minimal suffering in her own home. As Rosy told us this story, she thanked Tia and the donors for giving her the opportunity to care for her neighbor and make her last days as comfortable as possible.

Below is a picture of Rosy (Green Shirt) answering question for Margarita’s (UAG) followup survey:


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