Notes from the Field: PMC’s Blue Vests

Blue Vests

The blue vests worn by the PMC Brigade (Programa de Medicina de La Comunidad) are easily identifiable by the villagers near Ojuelos. In addition to training the promotoras (community health workers), these young doctors are providing essential medical care to community members. The promotoras receive one-on-one, hands-on training by treating their fellow villagers under the direction of the PMC doctors.

The fully loaded bus that transported 25 doctors carried high blood pressure medicine, gynecological lab tests, glucose monitoring tests and other vital items. The brigade is enjoying the hospitality of the four villages being served, sleeping and eating with the families who live there. Hundreds of people are receiving care in one of the poorest areas in Jalisco, while the promotoras selected by their village are learning how to monitor blood pressure, treat injuries, treat diabetics, diagnose illness, and provide preventative education.

Simultaneously, other members of the brigade conduct classes for the local school children on nutrition, health, hygiene and accident prevention. While the children are being instructed, their parents are in the school courtyard receiving instruction on similar topics, plus childhood nutrition and development, geriatric care, pre and post natal care, and disease prevention.

Check back soon for a report and photos on the graduation ceremony to be held on Friday!

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